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Register to vote online in Illinois!

You may be registered to vote. But how about your family members? Today, we encourage you to check with your friends and family on their registration status. And offer a hand if they need it. Here’s how you can HELP.

Casually ask those around you if they are aware of the upcoming elections in MARCH.


If they don’t know how to register, simply forward them the following link:

It is when we have the largest turnouts that democracy is at it’s best.


Do your part in ensuring everyone’s voice is heard!

Dr. Inam meets
Senator Dick Durbin

Our campaign is in full swing. We are visiting many towns and villages and meeting with our constituents. I had the pleasure of meeting the US Senator Dick Durbin who congratulated me on a well fought candidacy.


March 17 is the primary election day. If you can, vote earlier!

Chicago Tribune interviews

Dr. Inam

Here is an interesting interview that I had with the Chicago Tribune. It covers many issues and answers many questions about the current issues facing our district and my plans to tackle and improve them.
Click here to read the interview

Dr. Inam's Message


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